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Experience fly fishing Wyoming… and forget the crowds!
Whether you are a seasoned fly fisher or new to the sport, you probably dream of fly fishing in pristine blue ribbon trout water, in quiet solitude. Where your only company is an occasional mule deer.
Regardless of the type of water you prefer to fish, when fly fishing Wyoming you’ll have plenty of options. From the fast canyon river and pocket waters, to casting to the bank from a float tube for big cruising browns, it’s all there.
There are few places left that can provide you with that kind of Fly Fishing Experience! Wyoming is one of those few places. Wyoming offers some of the best trout fly fishing in the western United States. Some of the more well known rivers include…

When fly fishing Wyoming you can also find hundreds of miles of rivers and streams and lakes that are not as well known. Many of these hidden treasures see very little pressure and offer fantastic fishing.
You can get away from the crowds and cast to native cutthroat, rainbow, brook and brown trout. The whole time experiencing the breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife. If you’re willing to get off the beaten path a little, your possibilities are unlimited.
Many of these waters regularly produce trout in the 20 inch plus category. Any time you hook a 20 inch wild trout, you’ve got a fight on your hands.
Wyoming ranks tenth in total area in the U.S. with 97,818 square miles, it ranks fiftieth in population with 493,782 residents. That is only 5.09 people per square mile of land.(U.S. Census, April, 2000) It could be that whom ever started calling fly fishing “the Quiet Sport”, must have been in Wyoming!
Wyoming Fly Fishing Trips…so many choices.

Fly fishing trips in Wyoming offer great fishing in every part of the state. So where should you go on your next trip? Good question! Now for some possible answers.
When most people think of fly fishing trips in Wyoming, they think of Yellowstone National Park. (the first national Park, set aside in 1872) But Wyoming offers so much more.
You could probably dedicate a lifetime to fishing Yellowstone and the Northwest corner of the state. Even then you probably would never fish it all. There are little known streams all over Wyoming. Most of them don’t even show up on the road map. Many of these little known waters can provide memorable fishing trips.
These hidden treasures can be found almost anywhere you go in Wyoming. You’ll have to get off the beaten track to get to them. You’ll have to drive stretches of dusty dirt and gravel roads. You’ll probably see antelope, mule deer and elk on the way. Once you’re there, You’ll be glad you made the trip.
Wyoming can provide great fishing anywhere in the state. so for our discussion we will divide the state into four sections….
Fly Fishing Trips in Northwest Wyoming

When anglers think of fly fishing trips to Northwest Wyoming, they usually picture the Snake river and the Teton Mountains. And with good reason.
Fly fishing trips to this area will offer some of the most scenic fly fishing found anywhere in the world. Even though the Snake River and it’s cutthroat trout can keep an angler very busy, the area offers more fishing opportunities than you could cover in a life time. Some of those opportunities include…
The Clarks Fork… the only “Wild Scenic River” in Wyoming.
The Little Bighorn River… close to the Montana border.
The Shoshone River… near the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park.
The Firehole River… one of Yellowstone’s biggest fishing attractions.
The Greybull… in the Cody area.
And far too many more to list here. This list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the streams, full of trout in this area. Not to mention the incredible fishing found in the many lakes of the area. The Northwest part of Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park can provide the kind of fly fishing trips that dreams are made of.
Fly Fishing Trips in Southwest Wyoming
Trips to Southwest Wyoming feature the Wind River Mountains and the large Golden trout that are found there. In this part of the country, two to three pound Golden trout are common and fish have been documented at ten pounds plus.
This part of Wyoming has hundreds of lakes with good fishing for rainbow, cutthroat, brook and even some grayling. The big Golden trout, and the lakes they thrive in are going to be a little harder to get to.
You’ll need to be prepared to hike in or pack in by horseback to get to the lakes that hold these beautiful trout. In some of these lakes, even a 20 inch golden does not qualify as a trophy.
Fly fishing Southwest Wyoming can also include some excellent river fishing. The Green River , the second largest river in Wyoming, begins on the Western slopes of the Wind River Range. From there the Green flows 700 miles to where it meets the Colorado River. The Green is well known for it’s mayfly and caddis hatches and offers excellent nymph and streamer fishing for the native Colorado Cutthroat.
Some other excellent water that fly fishing trips to Southwest Wyoming should include are…
The Ham’s Fork River… an out of the way stream with good size trout.
South Piney Creek… good size trout in a small stream.
The Newfork River… limited access but huge brown trout and little pressure.
LeBarge Creek… tight pocket water or small meadow stream fishing.
You can make as many fly fishing trips to Southwest Wyoming as you want, but you’ll never run out of new and exciting water to fish.
Fly Fishing Trips in Northeast Wyoming
Trips to Northeast and central Wyoming will provide plenty of wide open space. This area actually offers some of the best trout water in the state. But it will take some time and effort to get to your fishing destination.
If fly fishing for trout in secluded scenic surroundings is what you’re after, this part of Wyoming should get your attention.
Because most of the best fishing is not accessible from a paved highway, the trout water in this area tends to get very little pressure.
Some of the best fly fishing in the Northeast and central part of Wyoming will include…
The Middle Fork Powder River… a pocket water stream.
The Wind River… excellent access as it runs through Shoshone National Forest.
There are also plenty of small streams on the west slope of the Big Horn Mountains. Fly fishing these streams can produce some very large numbers of fish. These trout may not get as big as in some other areas, but make up for it in numbers of fish.
The Big Horn Mountains also offer hundreds of high mountain lakes full of hungry trout. These lake can be accessed by trail and are restricted to hikers and horseback. Because of these restrictions these lakes get very little pressure, so the trout can be pretty good sized.
Fly fishing trips to Southeast Wyoming
The Southeast part of Wyoming is often over looked as a destination for great fly fishing trips. At best, it doesn’t get the attention of the Northwest part of the state and Yellowstone.
However, fly fishing trips to this part of Wyoming can offer you a shot at rainbows and browns above 5 pounds. The North Platte River for example holds fish that will reach and exceed the 30 inch mark.
The North Platte River is one of fly fishing’s great rivers and casting a fly there could produce the fish of a lifetime. And with sections of the river holding over 6000 fish per mile, fly fishing trips to the North Platte can be unforgettable.
Some other great fly fishing trips in Southeast Wyoming should include…
The Laramie River…not a trophy stream but good numbers of browns and rainbows.
The Encampment River… green drake hatches and big browns and rainbows.
These are just a few of the many great trout waters in Southeast Wyoming. There are many other great destinations for fly fishing trips to this corner of the state. Too many in fact to talk about here.
What ever kind of experience you’re looking for in your fly fishing trips, Wyoming has it covered. Regardless of what part of Wyoming you decide on, get ready for some truly amazing fly fishing trips.

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