Green River Fly Fishing

Wyoming’s Green River fly fishing offers one of the state’s best shot at a trophy.

The Green River in Wyoming holds trophy brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout. However, the Wyoming Green doesn’t get much press. This is a blessing to the anglers that frequent Green and cast to the monsters that swim there.
The upper Green River flows through some of Wyoming’s most scenic and desolate landscape. Not as well known or as heavily fished as the Green that cuts through Northeast Utah. Wyoming’s Green is also not thought of in the same category as some of Wyoming’s more famous trout waters. This can be a blessing for anglers that do decide fly fish there.

The Green River has it’s beginnings in the Wind River Range just North of Pinedale. From there the river flows 30 miles through National Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands where access is plentiful. In this upper portion of the river wade fishing for browns, rainbows and cutthroats is good. These fish will average 12 to 16 inches.

For the next 12 miles the Green cuts through private land that can only be fished from a boat or raft. This stretch of the river offers an excellent opportunity to catch trout 20 inches or larger. Fish up to 30 inches have been recorded in the private stretch of water. If you decide to float this part of the river be prepared for a long day because a 12 mile float is a very full day. The good news is, you’ll have the chance to fish to some trophy trout that don’t see a lot of pressure.

The next public access is at the Warren Bridge. There is plenty of access here and good fishing, even though it gets a lot of pressure. There are several access sites between Warren Bridge and Daniel Junction. This section is very popular for float fishing. If you plan to float this part of the river, you’ll want to be on the water early. Other wise you’ll be behind a bunch of other anglers.

From Daniel Junction down to Fontenelle Reservoir, about 70 miles, access is sparse at best. This is private land and the land owner even owns the stream bed. Take plenty of supplies because it’s a long way to the next access.
The lower Green River in Wyoming, below Fontenelle Reservoir, offers one of the best shots in Wyoming at a 20 inch plus fish. This section of river has a lot of big browns, rainbows and cutthroats above 20 inches. If you’re lucky or really good, you may hook a rare 30 inch fish. This stretch of river was once well known for producing lots of 15 to 20 pound trout. The big ones are still there, although not as many as in the past.

The Green from Fontenelle Reservoir to Flaming Gorge does not hold the sheer numbers of fish that it’s Utah cousin does. If you’re willing to work for some real lunkers, the lower green is an excellent choice.

Wyoming’s Green River will not get the attention that is given to other rivers in the state. That’s because the Green doesn’t have the large numbers of fish that the Snake, the Bighorn and the North Platte have. But the Green offers an angler a good shot at trophy trout. The green flows through big, wild country and holds big wild trout. You will be glad that you took the time to cast a line on it because in my book, It’s a true Wyoming blue ribbon stream

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