Fly Fishing Little Mill Creek

Little Mill Creek is located in a valley running towards the Mississippi just west of the town of Bellevue. This stream is pretty narrow, but I do not think I would describe it as one of Iowa’s smaller streams. There are some really big holes on Little Mill, I’m not sure how deep they are, but I’d guess a couple of them are more than ten feet deep.

The Iowa DNR has recently done some major bank improvements on the upper portion of Little Mill. They have created some wonderful artificial structure that combines with some good natural rock formations to provide an excellent fishing environment. Little Mill is stocked with browns and a few brookies.

I would concentrate most of my fishing efforts on the new bank improvements if you are looking for numbers of fish. I have a feeling these areas will get quite a high proportion of the stocked fish. Downstream, the big holes with rocky outcroppings and log jams will most likely hold the bigger fish in this stream. Little Mill is one of those streams where around nearly every corner is a place that holds fish. There’s more than enough area for one person to fish for an entire day.

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