Lafontaine Sparkle Emergent Pupa

image of Lafontaine Sparkle Emergent Pupa fly in vice

  • Hook: Dry fly, sizes #12-#18.
  • Thread: 6/0, color of underbody.
  • Underbody: Antron yarn dubbed thinly on rear two-thirds of hook shank.
  • Preferred colors are dark olive or brown.
  • Overbody: Light olive or tan Antron yarn tied in at bend of hook, pulled
    forward and tied down behind the hook eye forming a sparse “ball” around
    the underbody. It is important that the underbody can be seen through the

  • Wing: Deer-body hair tied flat over top of overbody; no longer than bend
    of hook

  • Head: Dark brown Antron

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