Fly Tying Materials

American Flyfishing Co.
Fly fishing flies, and sporting gear. Fly tying patterns, tying tables and tying instructions for fly fishing flies.
Angler Sport Group
Anglers Choice Framing
Angler’s Choice is dedicated to preserving and displaying the artwork of both the fly tyer and the angling artist in our unique fly plate format
Anglers Workshop
High Quality Fly Tying Materials from the UK, including the Sunburst Collection
Ashima Trout Hooks
Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, & Spey Fly Materials
Atlantic Salmon fly tying materials including hard to find materials.
Bears Den Woodshop
D’s Flyes
Your source for quills body, darlon, web wing, dura skin, bead eggs, super eggs, tyers lace, flash back and more!
Danville Chenille Company Inc.
We provide chenille, tinsel, threads, and other flyfishing and flytying materials worldwide
David Martin’s realistic wing material
David Martin’s specialty flies
Order discs here to tie some of the most realistic trout patterns
Discount Fishing Tackle
fly fishing equipment & supplies,fly tying materials,fly rods, etc.
Finnish Fur Fly
Fishermens Feathers
Home of the Jungle Cock and exotic tying materials
Fly Craft
foam bodies
Fly Tiers
fly tying materials & fly tying supplies
Fly Tying Chronicles
Fly Tying Furs
Buy, Sell, and Process Fly Tying Furs and Feathers
Fly Tying Materials
Hooks, Fly Tying Vises, Fly Fishing Books, Fly Patterns and Tying Tools
Fly tying Materials
materials for basic steelhead, salmon & searun cutthroat patterns
Manufacturer of fly tying products. Foam terrestrial insect bodies such as ants, beetles, grasshopper bodies, inchworms, blue damsel flies, frog bodies.
Flymart Fly Shop
good selection of materials
Extraordinarily Colored Capes and Saddles
Fort Shockley
Gill and Finn
fly tying tools, desks, and boxes
Golden Rule Fly Shop
orders over $25 recieve free shipping
Golden Witch
Hareline Dubbin Inc
Hook & Hackle Fly Fishing Tackle
Fly Tying Supplies
Hopper Materials
What is needed and how to use it to successfully tie Hopper patterns
How to use Zap A Gap
Jann’s Netcraft
thousands of different components, materials, tools and accessories in stock
JS Fly Fishing
The Fly Fishermen’s Source for Fly Tying Supplies
Kamasan Trout Hooks
Salmon/Steelhead Flies
Maine Fly Fishing Shop
Rob seems to know his stuff
Montana Fly Company
Mountain Valley Flies
hand tied flies, fly tying materials and fly fishing gear.
Rainys Flies & Supplies
RG Saga
River Road Creations
Fly Tying Materials & Fly Fishing Products From River Road Creations
RiverRun Outfitter
This Rhode Island Shop has a great selection of saltwater fly tying materials
a great Fly Tying Catalog, sponsored by Tight Lines
Scintlliadub – Your source for all fly tying supplies
Sleazy Steve’s Soggy Bottom Fly Shop
produces the only tools in the world designed for the sole purpose of letting fly tyers build the best foam flies
Sunrise Fly Tying Tools and Materials
Manfacturers of complete range of quality fly tying tools and materials since 1970
This material’s tubular braided construction easily forms natural looking tapered patterns
The Fly Hatch
The Fly Shop
Tying Weed Guards
Uma International
Understanding Antron
How to successfully tie with antron
UNI Products
flytying web reference for fly tyers. Uni products is internationally renown for the quality of its flytying threads and fly tying material – Unitinsel, Unithread and 8/0 uni …
Whiting Farms
Whiting Farms offers world class Fly Tying Feathers, Taxidermy Roosters & Chickens…

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