Yellow Humpy

the high floating yellow humpy fly
yellow humpy fly recipe


  • Hook: Dry Fly #8-#18
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Tail: Deer hair
  • Body: Yellow Antron (or other yellow body dubbing) & Deer hair pulled over the top
  • Hackle: 1 strip grizzly hackle & 1 strip brown hackle

Tying Instructions

There are a couple ways to tie in the body. The one I use may be described a little different than somebody else. First of all tie in the tail of deerhair without cutting off the excess. Then wrap your body on, I use yellow antron because even though it doesn’t float that well, this fly doesn’t have a problem floating with all the deer hair. Use several wraps of your body dubbing and wrap it up to about 2/3 the way up the hook shank. Then pull your deer hair from your tail over the top of the body dubbing and tie it down just in front where you tied down the body. Now get two peices of hackle, one that is brown and one that is the black and white variety. Tie on both pieces of your hackle just in front of the body. Wrap both hackles around simultaneously. It should only take about 3 wraps and tie the hackle down in front with several wraps of your thread. Then tie off your fly and trim any parts you don’t like.

Fly Information

This is a very good dry fly. You can use this to imitate many hatches. It floats like a cork because of all the deer hair and hackle. You can tie your body in different colors and red is a popular one, but I believe that the yellow humpy is the best. I’ve had luck with this fly mostly in the summer or fall. Once the fish get pickier it is wise to go with a slightly smaller sized hook. This is a fairly easy fly to tie even in the smaller sizes.

The Humpy is an ideal fly for taking trout during mayfly time. It can also be used as an indicator due to its buoyant features.

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