WD-40 Fly

WD40 fly pattern for mayfly nymphs
WD 40 recipe


  • Hook: Daiichi 1130 in size 16-24
  • Thread: Brown or Ginger 8/0 Uni-thread
  • Body: Thread
  • Thorax: Fine Gray Dubbing
  • Tail: Partridge or Wood Duck
  • Wingcase: Partridge or Wood Duck


  1. Secure thread at head, wrap back to just before bend.
  2. Tie in several WD fibers for tail (don’t trim).
  3. Wrap thread forward, over WD, leave room for thorax.
  4. Build thorax with dubbing, pull WD over top for wingcase.
  5. Trim WD, Whip finish, cement.


Try different colors of thread (I always carry black , brown, gray, and olive). Tie the wing and tail using zelon, poly yarn, or one of your favorites. Try different color beads for thorax. Tie in some flashabou for a wing case to get a flashback WD-40.

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