Trico Spinner

trico spinner fly pattern top view
trico spinner fly recipe


  • Hook: Dry Fly #16-#24
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Body: Black Dubbing
  • Wing: White Polypro

Tying Instructions

First attach your thread to the hook. After doing this you need to put down the wings. The wings go about one third of the way back from the eye of the hook and must be tied on perpendicular to the hook shank. The wings should be a little longer than the length of the fly and tail combined. To get both sides the same, pinch the wings into an upward position and clip both edges at the same time. Now put on several (5 or 6) black fibers for the tail. Dub the body forward to the eye, making sure it has a tapered body, with the bigger portion at the eye of the hook.

Fly Information

There are many mistakes that people make when tying these flies. The biggest thing is to make sure you tie the wings very sparse. When you see a natural mayfly spinner on the water its wings are clear and sparkle just a bit. You just want to get that sparkle effect with these flies and have some kind of light silhouette. The sparkle that comes from the wings of these flies is actually the air bubbles that get trapped underneath the wings. You can also use white antron for the wings. However Sparkle Poly works much better because it floats and antrons does not. You will need to grease these flies with some kind of floatant, otherwise they will start sinking. Another mistake people make with these flies is by tying the wings too short. When you see a mayfly spinner on the water, its wings look very unproportional to its body. They seem very large when laid out flat on the water and your fly should look the same.

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