serendipity fly pattern
serendipity recipe


  • Hook: Shrimp/Caddis #14-#22
  • Thread: Tan/Cream 8/0
  • Body: (Cream, Reddish/Brown) Antron Yarn
  • Head: Deerhair

Tying Instructions

  1. First tie on your thread and place the thread towards the back of the hook.
  2. Look at the picture, where the body ends is where your thread should be. Attach the antron yarn and wrap the thread to just behind the eye of the hook.
  3. Now to get the ribbed look from the antron yarn, you need to twist the yarn in your hand before wrapping it around the hook.
  4. After you twist the yarn, wrap it forward, leaving enough space behind the eye of the hook for about 3 more wraps.
  5. Now cut off the excess yarn.
  6. Now to make the head, get some deer hair and make sure it is hollow first. For this fly you don’t use the tips of the deer hair, but the bases. Cut off a small amount and trim off the tips.
  7. Now attach the deer hair all at once, and tie it down in about the middle of the deer hair. There should also be deer hair surrounding the entire hook when you tie it down, this gives it a fuller look.
  8. Tie it down tight, so that it won’t spin. Then take the front half of the deer hair sticking forward and fold it back.
  9. Wrap your thread around the hook several times in front of the deer hair to keep the front half of hair sticking back.
  10. Now tie off your thread.
  11. Now trim the deer hair so that you have a head and a little wingcase sticking back over the curve of the hook.


Try different thread and flashabou colors. The color combos are endless and I’ve had luck with many different combos. A dubbed thorax or the traditional peacock herl thorax is also ok but I’ve found the pattern above lasts longer than the traditional tie and is just as effective and maybe better.

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