scud fly

Often attributed to Randall Kaufmann


  • Hook: 2457 or 200R, sizes 10-18
  • Thread: To match body
  • Tail: Marabou hen hackle fibers, or antron; color to match body
  • Antennae: Same as tail
  • Back: Heavy plastic with pearl Flashabou underneath
  • Rib: Clear monofilament, about .006 inches in diameter
  • Body: Blended angora goat and Haretron. When done tying, pick out body fibers to look like legs, then trim to correct length. Color choices: olive-gray, tan, orange
  • Hackle: Palmered black saddle hackle, or color to match body


Scuds are shrimp-like fresh-water crustaceans. They can occur in huge numbers in lakes and in slackwater sections of rivers. When present, they offer trout a delicious morsel that is hard to resist.


Scuds should be lightly weighted either with lead under the body or with a beadhead. The 2457 hook is curved and represents a resting or drifting scud. The 200R hook is straight and is used for a swimming scud. Match your presentation to the hook style.

How to Fish

In rivers, present the fly with the shallow nymph or wet fly swing presentations; remember, scuds are present in weedy, slow-water stretches. In lakes, use an intermediate line and a slow retrieve.

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