Peacock Caddis

peacock caddis fly pattern
peacock caddis recipe


  • Hook: Dry Fly #12-#20
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Body: Peacock Herl
  • Hackle: 1 strip of Brown/Red Hackle
  • Wing: Deer Hair


  1. First attach your thread and tie on two or three strands of peacock herl, depending on the size of the hook.
  2. You may want to reinforce the peacock herl by wrapping the herl around your thread, then wrap the peacock herl about 2/3 of the way up the hook shank.
  3. Now cut off a pinch of deer hair, make sure you get all the ends even first with a hair stacker.
  4. Now trim the deer hair so that when laid down on the hook it only goes as far as the hook shank. ‘
  5. After tying on the deer hair get a strand of brownish red hackle. This hackle is light brown on one side and a brownish red color on the other.
  6. Wrap the hackle around several times, but don’t make the fly look “bushy” cause this is a lightly tied fly.


This is a great fly for beginners. It’s an easy fly to tie and works very well. The toughest part with this fly is making sure the hackle doesn’t flare out too much. I’ve had great luck with this fly during hatches and during those dead times in between hatches. The only problem I’ve run into with this fly is it tends to want to sink after a while of casting it. Just make sure you apply some kind of floatant before getting it wet.

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