Olive Sparkle Dun

olive sparkle dun fly pattern
olive sparkle dun recipe


  • Hook: Daiichi 1100 in size 18-22 (size 22 optimal for San Juan)
  • Thread: Olive 8/0 Uni-thread
  • Shuck: Olive Sparkle Yarn or Sparkle Dub
  • Abdomen: FineOlive Dry Fly Dubbing (optional thread body only)
  • Thorax: FineOlive Dry Fly Dubbing
  • Wing/Legs: Gray Coastal Deer Hair (special hair for comparaduns)


  1. Secure thread behind bead and wrap back to just before bend.
  2. Tie in the sparkle yarn shuck and trim to 3/4 length of fly. Leave butt end long and wrap thread forward. Trim at 2/3 point.
  3. Use your hair stacker and pick a clump of deer hair for wings. Tie in at 2/3 point with tips forward. One loose wrap and then tighten to flare hair out. Trim butts and make several wraps in front of wing to force tips up. From the front, the hairs should go 180 degrees around the hook making a fan shape. If not, you might need more hair or more practice with flaring.
  4. Apply dubbing to thread for body and wrap thread back to bend to start the body there.
  5. Dub a slim tapered body to just behind the wing .
  6. Now dub a prominent thorax around the hair wing, taking care not to disturb the fan wing.
  7. Whip finish and carfully cement.


Try in gray or baetis/dun color bodies. This fly becomes a comparadun by exchanging the shuck for some hackle fiber or microfibbet split tails. For picky fish, try a slim thread body only. Can also use different colors for shucks (gray, cream, or brown work well).

pale sparkle dun
cream sparkle dun
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