Griffith’s Gnat

griffiths gnat fly pattern
griffiths gnat recipe


  • HOOK: any dry fly hook (size 20-16)
  • THREAD: Black
  • BODY: Peacock herl
  • RIB: Gold wire
  • HACKLE: Grizzly saddle hackle

Tying Instructions

  1. From the back tie in a Grizzly Hackle.
  2. Now tie in two or three peacock herls (Tips first).
  3. Wind the peacock herl up the hook shank to a position just before the eye, secure the herl and trim waste.
  4. Palmer the hackle up towards the eye and secure.
  5. Trim waste, build a neat head and varnish.
griffiths gnat large photo
griffiths gnat

This fly is named after George Griffith who was an early pioneer of Trout Unlimited. This fly is usually used to imitate a clump of midges, not a single fly. This fly can be used in this fashion throughout all times during the year. At times you can use a very small griffith’s gnat to imitate a single midge if that’s what the fish are taking. This is one of the easier flies to tie, yet also one of the most useful.

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