Green Drake Spinner

green drake spinner fly pattern
green drake spinner recipe


Hook: Dry Fly #10-#18
Thread: Olive 6/0
Head: Brown Dubbing (Buffalo)
Tail: Light Hackle Fibers
Body: Cream or Tan Dubbing Material
Wing: White Antron Yarn
Ribbing: Brown Thread

Tying Instructions:

  1. First tie on your thread. Once you do this cut a piece of antron yarn for the wing. The piece of antron should be a little longer than the hook.
  2. Attach the wing about 2/3 the way up the hook by using figure X’s over the top of the antron so that it will not move anywhere.
  3. Now move the thread to the bend in the hook and attach the tail. The tail should be 3 or 4 fibers of light colored hackle(cream, tan).
  4. Now tie down a piece of brown thread at the same spot you tied down the tail, this is for the ribbing.
  5. Now you want to dub in your cream colored body. You can use any technique of dubbing but I prefer to twist the dubbing on my thread and then wrap the thread around the hook. Dub it about 2/3 of the way up the hook, just behind the wings.
  6. After you have finished with the body, wrap the ribbing forward over the top of the body. You want to do this with there some space between each wrap. Check out the picture to see the exact space you want and attach it just behind the wing.
  7. Now use the dubbing you want to use for the head, I use buffalo fur. Dub this in the same way as the body and up to the eye of the hook. The head should be the biggest where the wings stick out of it from.
  8. Now tie off your thread for the finished fly.

Variations & Comments:

The wing can be tied with several different kinds of materials. I use buffalo fur for the head of the fly, but you don’t have to have that.

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