Goddard Caddis

goddard caddis pattern
recipe for a goddard caddis


Hook: Daiichi 1100 size 12-16
Thread: Brown 8/0 Uni-Thread
Tail: Elk Hair
Body: Elk Hair
Legs: Brown Hackle on Body and Grizzly Hackle on Thorax
Wing: Elk Hair
Antennae: Stripped Hackle Stems.

Tying Instructions:

  1. Place the hook in the vise.
  2. Secure thread and wrap back to bend.
  3. Tie in a clump of elk hair and spin on the hook.
  4. Repeat step 3 again 2-3 times until you cover about 2/3 of the hook shank.
  5. Trim the body to shape as in the picture above. Leave some longer hair pointing out the rear and trim the rest rounded to form a nice even body.
  6. Tie in a sized brown hackle at the 2/3 point where you finished the hair body.
  7. Wrap the thread forward to the head and tie in two stripped brown hackle stems for the antennae.
  8. Make a few wraps between the antennae to splay them slightly.
  9. Wind the hackle for ward the the head with even spacing.
  10. Trim the hackle and whip finish under the antennae, trim thread and cement.

Variations & Comments:

This is another great lower river dry pattern. It can look like the big caddis, stone flies, hoppers, and more. It floats well and is a killer pattern when skipped back across the surface durning both caddis and stone fly hatches.

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