Foam Hopper

foam grasshopper fly pattern
foam hopper recipe


  • Hook: Daiichi 1270 size 8-14
  • Thread: Yellow 6/0 Uni-Thread
  • Tail: None
  • Body: Yellow Foam
  • Rib: Thread
  • Legs: Brown Rubber
  • Wing: Foam and Elk Hair.
  • Thorax: Elk Hair

Tying Instructions

  1. For the extended body, place a needle in the vise with the point toward the rear and the eye forward and making sure that 3/4 of the lenght is forward of the vise jaw. Make sure and use a sturdy needle.
  2. Secure thread near vise jaw.
  3. Cut a strip of foam about 1/8″ wide and 2″ long.
  4. Lay the foam under the needle and make a wrap around the foam about 1/16″ from the end. The bottom of the foam should look smooth and the top will be split. Make sure the wrap is firm but not too tight because you will want to slide the foam off the needle later.
  5. Pull the foam down and wrap forward on the needle to set up the spacing for the next segment.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 three to four times depending on how big you hopper will be.
  7. Whip finish around the foam on the last segment, trim thread and cement.
  8. Carefully slide the body off the needle.
  9. Place your hook in the vise and secure your thread.
  10. Wrap the thread back to the bend and tie in the extended foam body. Build the foam segmented body forward using the technique from above. Stop about 3/4 towards the eye and tie off the foam firmly.
  11. Tie in 10 strands of krystal flash and a white or gray foam wing cut to shape. The length should be slightly longer than the body.
  12. Optionally place a drop of super glue on the under side of the foam wing to force it to lay down and stick to the body.
  13. Now tie in a bunch of stacked elk hair with tips forward and use a bullet head tool to form the bullet head and force the tips back to form more of the wing.
  14. Make a few tight wraps to form the head of the hopper
  15. Trim the hair on the underside of the fly so that none of it is below the body centerline.
  16. Tie in a the rubber legs and trim even on each side.
  17. Whip finish, trim, and cement.

Variations & Comments

This is is a good summer attactor pattern that can be fished anywhere on the river. On the lower river try this buoyant fly with a bead head PT or bead head prince as a dropper. Some action on this fly will often bring exciting takes!

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