Clarks Fork Fly Fishing

A great Wyoming fly fishing destination, the Clarks Fork, offers lots of solitude.
The Clarks Fork also offers a Wyoming fly fishing adventure with a variety of conditions to challenge you. With lots of fish, beautiful scenery and quiet solitude the Clarks Fork is truly a fly fishing treasure.
The Clarks Fork is Wyoming’s only wild and scenic river and offers solitude from the crowds often found in nearby Yellowstone. This great Wyoming fly fishing destination offers plenty of trout to challenge you. In the upper half of the river you’ll find…
Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow trout and Brook Trout
Below the canyon where the river makes it’s desert run back to Montana you can add Grayling and Brown trout to the mix. The canyon’s waterfalls keep the browns from reaching the upper sections of the river.
You’ll find good numbers of 12-14 inch rainbows, with an occasional 16 incher, in the upper valley. The middle section flows through a 1200 foot high gorge. You will find wild trout here in the 12 to 14 inch category with an occasional 18 incher. The slower section of the lower river provides the chance to catch 20 inch browns. This portion of the river gets stocked with 12-14 inch rainbows and cutthroat. There are also grayling and whitefish in this section.
The upper section of the river offers great Wyoming fly fishing. This section offers easy access as it flows through Shoshone National forest for about 25 miles. Highways parallel most of the river and you can stop along side the road almost anywhere.
At Crandall Creek the river flows into a canyon called the box and flows 20 miles through boulder strewn pocket water and eddies. This can be tough fishing but if you like to hop boulders it can be done. The canyon stretch is the wild and scenic portion of the river. This part of the river is your best bet for a day of solitude. It’s tough going but of your after solitude and wild trout it’s worth the effort.
The lower part of the river flows through the high desert on it’s way back to the Montana border. This section runs mostly through private land. The Wyoming Game and Fish has provided four public access sites through the lower section of the Clarks Fork. This is the only section that is safe for float fishing. If you’re after big browns this section is your best bet.
The Clarks Fork is a Wyoming fly fishing destination that will provide you with great fishing, amazing scenery and quiet solitude. That’s what makes the Clarks Fork a destination that you’ll want to return to.

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