Rapid Creek Fishing

The largest stream in the Black Hills is Rapid Creek. The north fork begins some seven or so miles south of Lead and Deadwood. The south fork begins a couple of miles west of the Black Fox campground on Forest Rt. 231. They meet just west of Rochford and Rapid Creek flows easterly through Pactola Reservoir, through Rapid City and continues east until it meets the Cheyenne River. The largest feeder stream is Castle Creek that starts above Deerfield Lake. The primary species in both Rapid Creek and Castle Creek is brown trout. Brook trout are available in the upper stretches of both creeks. Access to Rapid Creek is excellent from Placerville Camp upstream to the headwaters and within Rapid City.
These are some of my favorite lures for fishing Rapid Creek. Where practical, I’ve removed the treble hooks and replaced them with a single hook. My favorite hook for this purpose is a #8 Eagle Claw Salmon Siwash hook. If you can’t find any in your area, a good source is Dick Nite Spoons. If you decide to order some hooks, try a couple of his spoons also. They work very well for this kind of fishing. I make all the hooks on my lures barbless. You’ll catch many more fish than your limit, and this makes it quicker and easier to release them without harming the fish. I use a 5 foot ultra-light rod and 2 pound mono. Although it’s possible to catch some rather large fish in Rapid Creek, the majority will be 11 to 13 inches or less. Not to mention, that it’s a whole lot more fun to catch a six pound fish on two pound line than the other way around.
This is a new lure from Mepps(1999). I find that the 1/12 oz. size is exceptionally good on both Rapid Creek and Spring Creek. It seems to work really well in the fast water. I’m partial to the gold blade.

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