Online Fly Fishing Retailers & Stores

Many fly fishing websites sell flies online. Buying flies online has become a great way to get discounts on large purchases, or obtain specialized flies for fly fishing trips. Below are some websites that sell flies online.

Yagers Flies
Quality flies online.
Aarcom International
tons of cheap tools online
About Fly Fishing Salmon Patterns
Salmon Patterns complete with recipes and photos
Fly Tying For Saltwater
Adipos Fly Fishing
A good selection of Pacific North West salmon and steelhead flies
Allys Shrimp Treble Hook Fly
this pattern simulates translucent, shrimp like crustaceans
American Flyfishing Co.
Fly fishing flies, and sporting gear. Fly tying patterns, tying tables and tying instructions for fly fishing flies.
Angler Sport Group
Anglers Choice Framing
Angler’s Choice is dedicated to preserving and displaying the artwork of both the fly tyer and the angling artist in our unique fly plate format
Anglers Workshop
Angling BC Books for fishing in Beautiful BC
Angling BC proudly offers some of the best fishing books and guides available.
Art of Steelhead Fishing
High Quality Fly Tying Materials from the UK, including the Sunburst Collection
saltwater flyfishing flies, fly tying materials, and some cool videos Saltwater Flies – Fly Tying Kits
Ashima Trout Hooks
Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders – a great site
Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying eBook
Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying eBook
Atlantic salmon steelhead fishing flies
Salmon and steelhead fishing flies – Bann Special Shrimp, Munro, Green Machine, Black Shrimp, Greasedliner, Bunny Leech, etc
Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, & Spey Fly Materials
Atlantic Salmon fly tying materials including hard to find materials.
Basic Saltwater Fly Tying
Basic Saltwater Fly Tying Video – A Great Fishing Video from Fishing Online.
Bass on the Flats
Flats are shallow, relatively level expanses bordering deeper water…
Bears Den Woodshop
Benz Fishing Baits Pvt Ltd
Hand tied fishing flies, manufacturer of fishing flies, fishing flies wholesaler
Blood Midge Info
Blue Fly
Bob Veverka
Book Trail – Saltwater Fly Tying
BOOK TRAIL – Saltwater Fly Tying
Branham Saltwater Fly Tying
Included within this site are numerous informative fly tying articles, fly tying lessons, step by step instructions for over 50 saltwater fly patterns, fly tying tips, a saltwater pattern database wit
very reasonable prices
Buck A Bug
Bugskin flytying
how to tie trout flies with bugskin
BUGZ-EYE International Corp.
Makers of “No Focus Magnifiers” – magnifier that you can just set down on the desired material and it it is pre-focused to make the material four times larger than the original size
Bunyan Bug
C.M.K. Flies & Feathers
nice selection of CDC patterns
CA Fly Tying Kit-Steelhead Salmon
CA Fly Tying Kit-Steelhead & Salmon
Casters Flies
Amarillo, Texas
Castle Arms / Fishermen
equipment and supplies for salmon fishermen and fly-tiers
CGB Quality Flies
Spey flies
Classic Flies
site by a guy who specializes in dressing Classic Salmon flies; lots of photos and info
classic Steelhead & Salmon Flies
How to tie popular North Western steelhead, trout and salmon Flies
Countryman Press – Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Books
Creating Plugs For The Foam Sandal Popper
Crochet Fly Tying
Crocheted Flies-very realistic patterns involving crochet and how to use this fly tying technique. Be sure to click on the pull down menu
Custom Flys
Custom hand tied flies from Ashland WI.
D’s Flyes
Your source for quills body, darlon, web wing, dura skin, bead eggs, super eggs, tyers lace, flash back and more!
Dans Custom Flies
Danville Chenille Company Inc.
We provide chenille, tinsel, threads, and other flyfishing and flytying materials worldwide
David Martin’s realistic wing material
David Martin’s specialty flies
Order discs here to tie some of the most realistic trout patterns
David’s Custom Flies
Designing Trout Flies — a look at basics from Gary Borger
Designing Trout Flies — a look at basics from Gary Borger
DH Thompson vices
nice site, good vices
A lot of trout recipes with photos on trout flies with a UK twist
Diptera Saltwater
A few saltwater fly recipes with photos with a UK twist
Discount Fishing Tackle
Discount Flies
nice selection, good prices
online arm of Sid Knight
Doug Swisher
Dyna-King Fly Tying Vises
Elburgon Fly Tying Company
Kenyan fly tying company
Enrico Puglisi
Entomology – Caddis Fly
Entomology – Mayfly
Entomology – Midges
Entomology – Stonefly
Entomology – Terrestrials
Fantasy Flies
fly fishing equipment & supplies,fly tying materials,fly rods, etc.
Featherside Feathers
Fine Flies
lots of flies
Finnish Fur Fly
Fishermens Feathers
Home of the Jungle Cock and exotic tying materials
Fishheads fly page
some good instructions for some really good steelhead flies
hundreds of flies available online
Flies and Lures for redfish and speckled trout
saltwater fly patterns for redfish and speckled trout, louisiana fly fishing,
Floyd’s Flies
Saltwater Fly Fishing Products
Fly & Field
Fly & Field Fly Tying Videos
featuring videos produced with Davy Wotton.
Fly Craft
foam bodies
Fly Deal
Fly Fish America – trout patterns
nice list of photos and recipes for trout patterns
Fly Fish Saltwaters
a great site with some good tying tips
Fly Fishing & Tying Book &Video Reviews
Fly Fishing Flies
discount trout flies
Fly Fishing Maine
Landlocked Salmon and Trout flies
Fly Fishing Supplies
purchase large quantities of flies – pics available
Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Rod Building Videos
Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Rod Building Videos
Fly Swap Index, CFFC Winter Flyswaps, Trout Fly Tying Patterns and …
Index of CFFC Winter Fly Swaps: Westcountry Trout Flies, Fly Tying Materials, Emerger Patterns, Dry Fly, Sea Trout flies, and other flytying patterns
Fly Tiers
fly tying materials & fly tying supplies
Fly tying and fly fishing by André Brun
some interesting trout recipes from a Norwegian tyer
Fly Tying Books
Fly Tying Books from Wilderness Adventure
Fly Tying Chronicles
Fly Tying Furs
Buy, Sell, and Process Fly Tying Furs and Feathers
Fly tying kits from offers high-end fly fishing flies and products related to fly fishing.
Fly tying Materials
materials for basic steelhead, salmon & searun cutthroat patterns
Fly Tying Materials
Hooks, Fly Tying Vises, Fly Fishing Books, Fly Patterns and Tying Tools
Fly Tying Pattern Archives
lots of photos of great patterns
Fly Tying Patterns
Fly Tying Patterns and Instructions
Fly is a resource for river specific information about fly fishing rivers and streams throughout the U.S. Includes: Fly fishing lodges, fly fishing guides, fly shops,
Fly Tying Patterns, flyswap, Trout Flies, Tying Materials …
Fly Swap, Photos, FlySwap ’99, Trout, Fly Tying Patterns, Materials, Pictures, Fishing in Devon, UK, Wet Flies, Dry Fly, Nymphs, Emergers
Fly tying the Fly Patterns for Steelhead Trout and Salmon. Fly …
Fly Tying, Fly fishing for Steelhead, Trout and Salmon, Trout Flys, Steelhead Flys, Salmon Flys, Alantic Salmon Flys, Flytying Material, Pacific Northwest Flyfishing, Forks Washington, Olympic Peninsu
Fly Tying Tools
Fly Tying trout flies, yellow stone flies catch trophy fish
“I tie flies for fun as well as fishing, these flies catch a lot of fish”
Fly Tying World
very interesting site with an enormous collection of fly patterns, photos, and recipes, as well as fly tyer bios
Fly-Tying Books from
Manufacturer of fly tying products. Foam terrestrial insect bodies such as ants, beetles, grasshopper bodies, inchworms, blue damsel flies, frog bodies. is the online resource guide for fly fishing resources, fishing reports, fly tying instructions, news, hot product reviews, forums, and events.
Books about Fly Tying
Flymart Fly Shop
good selection of materials
Flytalk – Archive of Salmon Steelhead Flies
fly fishing forum, spey pages, worldwide flyfishing forum, flytalk
Flytalk – Classic Atlantic Salmon
fly fishing forum, spey pages, worldwide flyfishing forum, flytalk
fly fishing and fly tying supplies
Extraordinarily Colored Capes and Saddles
a great place to get information from other tyers
Fort Shockley
Frisky Jenny fishing flies
Getting Started in Fly Tying
Getting started in Fly Fishing and including Hook & Hackle Mail Order Catalog of Fly Fishing Supplies, Fly Tying Supplies, and Fly Rod Building Supplies
Gill and Finn
fly tying tools, desks, and boxes
Global Fly Fisher
lots of great information
Golden Rule Fly Shop
orders over $25 recieve free shipping
Golden Witch – Flyfishing Library
How to build a fly-fishing library….
Graham Owen Fly Tying
I enjoy creating artistic and realistic insects, many of which are not designed for fishing purposes, instead, simply enjoying the challenge of imitating bugs and striving to make them look as alive a
Grays Of Kilsyth
Great articles/ How to’s for saltwater fly-tying
Guide flies: Pinky and Snoqualmie spey
Guide flies: Pinky and Snoqualmie spey
Guide’s Fly Co-op
consistent high quality in imported saltwater flies – save 60%
Guy Turck Fly Tying
website from the tyer who brought us Turcks Tarantula
Hareline Dubbin Inc
Hill’s Discount Flies
Hundreds of quality flies for excellent prices
HMH Vises
Hook & Hackle Fly Fishing Tackle
Fly Tying Supplies
Hook Comparison Chart
Hooked on Fly Tying with Tony Sarp and Bob Schierholz
Fly Tying Alaska Big Rainbow Patterns
Hopper Materials
What is needed and how to use it to successfully tie Hopper patterns
How To Dress Salmon Flies
by Ron Lucas Sr. from
How to use Zap A Gap
lake trolling flies
full time professional fly dresser
Instructions for tying Salmon and Steelhead Flies
Detailed instructions for tying Salmon and Steelhead Flies.
Invicta Flies
Great pictures, instructions and histories of some trout flies
James Bowen Flies
Atlantic Salmon and Trout Flies
Jann’s Netcraft
thousands of different components, materials, tools and accessories in stock
Jason Akl’s Fly Tying
Hundreds of recipes and pictures for trout, salmon and saltwater flies
JS Fly Fishing
The Fly Fishermen’s Source for Fly Tying Supplies
Kamasan Trout Hooks
KBE Fly Fishing Company – The Best Deal in Fly-Fis
selling premium, quality fly fishing flies
Killroys Fly Tying
Patterns/Ingredients to many trout, salmon, steelhead and saltwater flies
Lake Erie fly patterns covers stream and lake fishing in Northwest Pennsylvania including Lake Erie.
LAW products
Salmon/Steelhead Flies
Lords Of The Fly
head mounted magnifiers
Maine Fly Fishing Shop
Rob seems to know his stuff
Michigan Sportsman Fly Library
a great site
Mick HallÌs Saltwater Fly Tying Methods.
Great video for both beginners and advanced tyers. Traditional and new materials and techniques such as eyed epoxy heads and silicon / co-polymer bodies explained.
Midwest Trout Flies
Sells trout flies that are common to the trout fly emergence schedules around the United States.
Mississippi Coast Fly Fishing and Fly Tying
Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Educational information and links to Fly Fishing Clubs and related sites
Montana Fly Company
Mountain Valley Flies
hand tied flies, fly tying materials and fly fishing gear.
Mysis Shrimp – For Great Lakes Steelhead
Mysis Shrimp – For Great Lakes Steelhead
Nordic Way Tube Flies
Northwest Trout Flies
Oasis Fly Tying Benches
Manufacturer of a variety of portable, quality,fly tying organizers and accessory items covering a large price range.
Online Fly Tyer
Great listing of Salmon and Steelhead fly recipes
a great fly tying site
Organza gilling technique
Out Smarting Educated Bass
OutdoorsBest Forums: Fly Tying
outdoorsbest outdoors best fishing hunting shooting florida sportsman sportfishing flyfishing guns&ammo guns ammunition bow shallow water angler
Overview of fly-tying materials, by Scott Sanchez
Scott Sanchez tours the fly-tying world, describing everything from antelope hair to Zelon, and how fly-tiers can use these materials to make effective freshwater and saltwater patterns.
Pacific Video Internet Catalog
Pacific Video & Internet Catalog ( FISHING & FLY TYING )
Pacific Video Internet Catalog ( FISHING FLY TYING )
Pacific Video & Internet Catalog ( FISHING & FLY TYING )
Papermart- Fly bags
Fly storage bags for storing ep flies, polar fiber flies and other synthetic flies that need to be stored in a plastic bag
Peak Fishing
Phil’s Custom Trout Flies
Phone Flies
Photographic Fly Tying illustrations and Fishing Tips
Flytyer for illustrated and photographic salmon fly tying, books, angling tips, trout flies, pictures, fishing tips, free ebooks, plus lots more.
Pistol Pete Flies
Hi-Country flies, trout fishing, salmon fishing, & saltwater fly fishing
Popular fishingflies
over 400 classic flies on Mustad hooks
Quest Outdoors
Step by step instructions on how to tie trout, salmon, steelhead and saltwater flies
Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine
Flytying indexpage. Flytying technique , patterns, descriptions and much more.
Rainys Flies & Supplies
Random Thoughts from the Tying Bench
Articles/tips on saltwater fly tying
Reel-Time – The Internet Journal of Saltwater Fly
he Internet Journal of Saltwater Fly Fishing is the authoritative source for all that is important to briny long wanders. Check out the Saltwater Fly Tying Pattern Database
Manufacturer of quality fly tying Vises, Tools and Accessories.
RG Saga
RG Saga Exports
some interesting fly tying tools
River Road Creations
Fly Tying Materials & Fly Fishing Products From River Road Creations
RiverRun Outfitter
Rocky Mountain Flies
Roth Angling
Saga fly fishing
Celebrating 25 years of services to fly fishing.
Salmon and steelhead flies
Fishing flies – Cascapedia, Fast Eddy, Rusty Rat, Dunt, Silver Wilkinson, Stoats Tail, Chief Needabbah, Silver Doctor. Ally Gowans fishing instructor.
Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide
Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide
Salmon Flies by Jan Gunnar Furuly
these pages are devoted to flyfishing for salmo salar. So far the archive includes 140 illustrated salmon fly patterns and instructions
Salmon River, NY fly fishing & tying … covers the Salmon River, NY and Eastern Lake Ontario regions
Salmon Trout Steelheader, Flyfishing Tying Journal, AmatoBooks …
Frank Amato Publications is the publisher of fishing and outdoor related books and magazines
Saltwater Flies
The Mail Archive,
Saltwater Flies
lots of great saltwater flies for sale
Saltwater Flies for Saltwater Flyfishing
Saltwater Fly Fishing
website for Flyfisherman magazine
Saltwater Fly Tying
Saltwater Fly Tying Secrets
Saltwater Fly Tying Secrets Fishing Video – A selection from Jim & Kelly Watt
Saltwater Patterns
This Rhode Island Shop has a great selection of saltwater fly tying materials
a great Fly Tying Catalog, sponsored by Tight Lines
Scintlliadub – Your source for all fly tying supplies
Shane Stalcup Flies Materials
Sierra Hatch
sells sets of flies based on hatches
fly collections based upon the river and hatch
Sleazy Steve’s Soggy Bottom Fly Shop
Sleazy Steve’s Soggy Bottom Fly Shop
produces the only tools in the world designed for the sole purpose of letting fly tyers build the best foam flies
Solitude Fly Company
Stalcup Flies
website for Shane Stalcup
Steelhead angler’s Fly patterns
Patterns and illustrations for steelhead flies of the North West
Steelhead Dreams: ..Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Fishing Fly Fishing …
Serving fly-fishing enthusiasts in the Great Lakes
Steelhead patterns
from Kreinik Online
Steelhead patterns – Serving fly-fishing enthusiasts in the Great Lakes
Steelhead/Sea Run Cutthroat/Salmon Flies – Tying Atlantic Salmon …
The Premiere OnLine Magazine for the Fly Fishing Enthusiast. Online chat room,articles and solid informational content. Your Online Fly Fishing Tool!
Steelheading 101
an awesome site with Flash instrcutions on steelhead fly-tying Books : fly tying
The Steelhead Site Store for Books : fly tying
great salmon and steelhead flies
Stripers in Flight
Fishing surface flies for striped bass ranks as one of the sport’s great thrills…
Saltwater fly fishing and fly tying topics on
Angling accessories manufacturer from India
Sunrise Fly Tying Tools and Materials
Manfacturers of complete range of quality fly tying tools and materials since 1970
This material’s tubular braided construction easily forms natural looking tapered patterns
Texas saltwater flies
from the Backwater Hawgs
The Alaskan Fly Tiers Bench
Featuring Alaska fly patterns that have proven successful when fishing for Alaska king salmon, silver & sockeye salmon, rainbow trout, char, dolly varden, grayling and northern pike.
The Bearlodge Angler
The Complete Sportsman: Fly tying patterns
Angling book publishers specializing in coffee table sizedbooks for gifts and Holidays. Also note cards & collectible fishing tackle & rare and unusualfly tying materials. Fly tying pattern library. R
a great fly tying site with step by step instructions
The English Fly Fishing Shop
a great site – tons of flies with pics
The English Fly Fishing Shop
an English shop with many patterns available online
The Fly Fishing Scotland Trout Salmon Web Ring
The Fly Fishing Scotland Trout & Salmon Web Ring – A mini directory of the best angling websites in Scotland.
The Fly Guys
The Fly Hatch
The Fly Shop
The Fly Tier
1932 patterns by 141 tiers, fully illustrated/described – searchable by name of fly tyer
The Invicta Flyshop
innumerable fly patterns for all types of fly fishing,
The McKenzie Page
How to tie the Bead Head Casual Dress Nymph,Yellow Stimulator, Filo-Thorax Nymph, PMD Spinner, Montreal, Pheasant Tail Green Rockworm, Anglish Bead Head Stone
The Natural Hatch
fly tying tools
The Silver Wilkinson Treble Hook Salmon Steelhead Fly
The Steelhead Site
The Great Lake’s premier resource for steelhead,trout and salmon fly fishing. Over 20,000 pages of fly fishing information for steelhead, trout and salmon.
The Traditional Fly Fisher
The Tying Bench
Trout fly recipes
The UK Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Ring
The UK Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Ring has been established to consolodate all the UK websites that include content for fly fishing and fly tying. The webring will hopefully give webmasters of fly fish;si
The Warm Water Fly Fisher
A Web Site Dedicated To The Pursuit Of Warm Water Fly Fishing
Tie 1 On
Great how to tie site w/ animations on fly tying techniques. Good coverage of your basic trout flies and necessary materials
Tie-a-Fly Series
SeriesFly Tying made easy on video
english version of Japanese hook manufacturers website
Tight Line Outfitters
trout and salmon flies and fly tying
Alastair Gowans is a professional fly fisherman and instructor who demonstrates and teaches fly fishing methods for trout and salmon worldwide.
TROUT FLIES: The Tier’s Reference – Dave Hughes Fly Fishing Info …
Serving fly-fishing enthusiasts in the Great Lakes
Trout Fly Shop
trout and salmon flies at discounted rates
Trout Flyfish fishing story – Fly Tying Journal
Trout Flyfish article written by Josh Barnett for Hot Spot Fishing
tutorials on troutflies, and online catalog; a cool site
TroutNet’s TroutDen: trout fishing, flyfishing
A worldwide trout and fly fishing directory featuring resorts, lodges, outfitters, guides, equipment, tackle, tips, books, articles, stories, magazines, art, photography, news and weather, fun and ga
underwater pictures of trout and nymphs
Twin River Anglers Online Salmon/Steelhead patterns
Twin River Anglers Online Flyfishing Patterns
Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies
Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies
Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies, An illustrated step-by-step …
The Global FlyFisher Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies, An illustrated step-by-step guide by David Klausmeyer
Tying Flies for Trout
Tying Flies for Trout
tying tips
Very informative and well laid out tips for tiers of all skill levels. If you have a question on how to tie a certain style flie, check out these articles!
Tying Trout Flies
Tying Videos from FFF
Tying Videos from FFF
Tying Weed Guards
UK Fly Tyer
Recipes for Atlantic Salmon flies and the techniques on how to tie them.
UK Trout Flies
UK Fly recipes
Uline- plastic fly storage bags
Plastic bags for storing flies
Uma INternational
Uma International
Umpqua Feather Merchants
Understanding Antron
How to successfully tie with antron
UNI Products
flytying web reference for fly tyers. Uni products is internationally renown for the quality of its flytying threads and fly tying material – Unitinsel, Unithread and 8/0 uni …
Virtual Flybox
online resource for the flyfisher or flytyer featuring full color photos and complete tying instructions for hundreds of fly patterns from all over the world
Wasatch Custom Angling Products
Weekend Sportsman – Salman and Steelhead Fly Fishing Books
Weekend Sportsman – Salman and Steelhead Fly Fishing Books
Basic Saltwater Fly Tying
Welcome to Maxflies
Wes’s Fly Tying Emporium
Unique fly patterns, recipes, and photos from an accomplished Idaho fly tyer
Wes’s Virtual Pattern Book
Unique Salmon and Steelhead patterns from Idaho Fly Tyer
Whip Finishes
Whiting Farms
the largest producer of premium quality fly tying feathers in the world; very informative site
Whiting Farms
Whiting Farms offers world class Fly Tying Feathers, Taxidermy Roosters & Chickens…
Fly Tying
Wishbone Books : The Angler
instructions for tying 5 great patterns including the Orange Comet for the best in Fly Tying Equipment
scssid=JK5JDB5N2DNF8GN7QDVRBJCBM Fly Fishing Steelhead and Salmon Fly Fishing Steelhead and Salmon
Fly Tying Tools
Yankee Angler Fly Selections
Great Lakes Tributary flies for sale
YD Flies
On-Line Discount Fly Shop

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