New Hampshire Fly Fishing

New Hampshire fly fishing opportunities include the waters of the Androscoggin River, The Upper Connecticut, the Saco River, the Ellis River, numerous lakes and ponds of the White Mountains. While brook trout, rainbows and brown trout can be found in the aforementioned rivers, stripers and bluefish can be taken in 18 miles of saltwater coastline. In addition, the Connecticut Lakes and other areas offer exciting salmon fishing.

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Fly Fishing Water in New Hampshire

Saco River – Located in the beautiful Mount Washington Valley, the Saco flows from Saco Lake in Crawford Notch as a small mountain stream, gathering water from many tributaries as it flows through the valley until it enters the Atlantic as a large river by any standards. The heart of the Saco River in the Mount Washington Valley is the Trophy Water Section in North Conway, this stretch of river is Fly Fishing Only and holds some heavy browns and rainbows as well as some nice brookies. Through this stretch, the Saco is a good sized river with some deep pools and cool runs that hold up well all summer even when smaller rivers are suffering low water conditions.

Ellis River – Another Mount Washington Valley beauty. This river starts as a small mountain stream and flows from Pinkham Notch and over Glen Ellis Falls on it’s way to the Valley. When it passes through the beautiful town of Jackson, NH, it has become a medium sized freestone stream holding some beautiful brook trout and feisty rainbows. It eventually flows into the Saco River in Glen. There is a fly-fishing only section that includes an impoundment providing some deep water to support some nice fish even through the toughest of weather, lots of pocket water holding plenty of surprises and some of the best water for small native brook trout that will dazzle you with their colors.

Connecticut River – This is the jewel of the Great North Woods. Several tailwater dams in the town of Pittsburg keep the Connecticut running cool and strong for many miles, providing some of the finest and most dependable fishing anywhere in New England. This river provides many miles of great wading where you’ll cast to large resident trout as well as lunkers that move up from the Connecticut Lakes and Lake Francis. A great spot to catch the “Grand Slam” of New England cold water fishing: brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and landlocked salmon, all on the same day.

Androscoggin River – A rumbling “western style” river flowing from Lake Umbagog in Errol, NH, through the Androscoggin Valley and into Maine. The Andro offers many miles of powerful runs and deep pools throughout its upper half and as it slows through a series of dams on the lower end, it enters the largest stretch of catch and release water in New England, holding some browns that will test you. The Andro also offers fine wildlife viewing. We commonly see bald eagles, osprey, or moose in a day on the water.

Seasonal Overview of Androscoggin River
The lower Androscoggin River is now open for fishing year round. The upper section opens January 1st and closes on October 15th. Each season has its attractions, from the first warm spring days to the beautiful late fall foliage. Most trips start in the month of May and end in November. Although if you get the winter blues and the ice is not too bad. Below you will find a brief outline of what to expect with the seasons in New Hampshire.

May & June
Early May usually brings some high water from runoff and April rains, but it varies each year. The fish are hungry from a long winter and if the water level is decent, some great fly fishing can be had. June is a popular fly fishing month as the weather and water warms up. Several hatches become prevalent and the fishing is excellent.

July & August
July offers above average fly fishing as the water drops and the holding spots become much more prevalent than in high water. The water is still cool and this is one of my favorite months to fly fish the Androscoggin. As summer heats up in August, we locate several tributaries that provide cold water from the mountains. Also below the dams rich with oxygen bring out some monster trout. Rainy or cloudy days are best this month and it should not be over looked because of the heat.

September & October
As the weather cools in September, the trout start to hit the feeding stations again. Late September through October rate #1 for this section. Water levels are down, temperatures are cool and the trout are feeding for the winter months. This makes for the most dependable and consistent fly fishing of the year. The foliage alone is worth the trip, but we are here to catch fish and we will in this two month span.

Dress warm as it can get cold here in November, the last big feed before the long winter. Fish are also spawning at this time and tributaries can hold some large breeders. It’s brown trout month, as they come out of hiding and we get alot of them at this time.

New Hampshire Fly Fishing Articles
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Connecticut River Fishing Trips
smallmouth bass and trout fly fishing the Connecticut
Early, Very Early Striper Fishing
Early striper fishing is not as consistent as striper fishing once the majority of the fish arrive in late May, but it can be a lot of fun and 30 fish days do happen.
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Fly Fishing the Connecticut River
Two tail-water dams on the Upper Connecticut keep river water cold for miles down stream for excellent dry fly fishing right through the summer and into the fall.
Great North Woods Region New Hampshire fishing guide
This far northern area features some fantastic fly fishing, lake trolling, and trout ponds.
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Some of the best trout fishing spots in the White Mountains are located on and near Lost River Valley Campground.
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New Hampshire brook trout
Far inland from the Gulf of Maine, deep in the hills and mountains of New England and the Maritimes, lives the brook trout.
New Hampshire Fish and Game
New Hampshire lakes and parks
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New Hampshire Local Fishing Guide
Fishing in New Hampshire is a favorite way to pass the time. With all the lakes and beautiful scenery it is no wonder.
New Hampshire striper fishing info
New Hampshire Recreational Limits: Two fish with 28″ minimum length, only one of which may be greater than 40″ in total length
New Hampshire’s Piscataqua River Striped Bass
The bite is on, and the striper fishing is great in the Piscatuqua River…
NH Fishing
New Hampshire offers a variety of water ways, ranging from lakes, ponds and streams.
NH Fishing and Hunting Features
Peabody River
Seacoast Region New Hampshire Fishing Spots
Striped Bass Angling Techniques for Seacoast N.H.
Striper fishing in New Hampshire’s Piscataqua River begins in early May with mostly schoolies being caught. The big cows are landed a little later and are most plentiful in the fall.
The best of the best for spring angling
from the Concord Monitor
The New England Brook Trout
a Trout Unlimited report in PDF format
The River Buffet
The Connecticut River is home to more than fifteen major species of game fish.
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For just the right combination of solitude, great fishing and easy access, these highly recommended trout rivers can’t be beat.
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information on where to fish and the species you may land in this beautiful forest in New Hampshire
your guide to the lower New Hampshire section of the Androscoggin River
Upper Andro – An Emerging Fishery
Today, thanks to environmental cleanup by federal, state and municipal agencies, the Upper Androscoggin River is an emerging angling destination.
White Mountains fishing info
The White Mountains region provides clear, cold water that’s ideal for trout fishing, with brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout in abundance.
White Mountains Region Fishing

New Hampshire Fly Fishing Clubs
CCA New Hampshire
Coastal Conservation Association
Great Bay TU
The Great Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited is local to South Eastern New Hampshire.
Merrimack River Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited
The Merrimack River Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited meets in Manchester, New Hampshire the second Tuesday of every month.
Monadnock TU

New Hampshire Fly Fishing Maps
Connecticut River access maps
access sites and areas of the Connecticut River from the Canadian border to Massachusetts, keyed to width and allowable boat speed.
White Mountains Fishing Opportunities Map

New Hampshire Fly Fishing Reports
Connecticut River Report
fishing from Lopstick Lodge and Cabins
Fly Fish New England reports
running report of what is going on in New England in the way of fly fishing.
Kittery Trading Post reports
Our fishing report is updated weekly
N.H. Weekly Fishing Reports
New England Sportsman reports
NH fishing reports
NH Reports
CT River, Mascoma River, & Sugar River
NH Saltwater
By On The Water-scroll down
Ponds & Lakes Fishing Report
from Clear Water Fly Shop
Stream & River Fishing Report
from Clear Water Fly Shop
Trout-Hunters Androscoggin reports
Upper Connecticut River and Lake Report
by Lopstick Outfitters

New Hampshire Stream Flows
USGS steam flow info for New hampshire

New Hampshire Fly Fishing Forums

Clearwater Flyshop Forum
New Hampshire fly fishing forum

New Hampshire Fly Fishing Shops

Percys Flies
P.O. Box 190, Errol, NH 03579; 1-800-287-7700
Hunters Angling Supplies
132 Bedford Center Road, Bedford, NH 03110; 603 472-3191
Lopstick Outfitters
45 Stewart Young Rd, Pittsburg, New Hampshire 03592; 1-800-538-6659
Morse Sporting Goods
85 Contoocook Falls Rd. Hillsboro, NH 03244; 603-464-3444
Lyme Angler
17 Lebanon St, Hanover, NH 03755; 603 643 1263
W.S. Hunter & Co.
394 Main Street, P.O. Box 2100, New London, New Hampshire 03257; 888.889.0004
Peterborough Outfitting Company
14 Depot Street, Peterborough, NH USA 03458; (603) 924 – 9220
ClearWater Fly Shop
Route 16 Conway, NH, 03818 603-447-1874
Mountain Road Fly Shop
68 Mountain Road, Raymond, NH 03077; 603-895-3500

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