Missouri Fly Fishing

Where to Fly Fish in Missouri

Missouri boasts some of the finest trophy brown and wild, stream-bred rainbow fishing found anywhere in the country. And fishing stays open year-round. Trout anglers, regardless of their expertise, can find super trout fishing. If you want to fish for large trophy brown trout; or hatchery fish released the day before; or test your skill against trout that see hundreds of flies annually in a popular catch-and-release fishery; Missouri’s trout program provides this opportunity.

Trout Parks

Missouri’s four trout parks:

  • Bennett Spring
  • Montauk
  • Roaring River
  • Maramec Springs’

These parks provide anglers the opportunity to fish for stocked rainbows during most of the year; however, now they reopen for weekend catch-and-release trout fishing from mid-November to mid-February. Many anglers report catching and releasing 100 trout or more during a day’s fishing.

Bennett Spring

bennet spring
bennet spring

Bennett Spring is Missouri’s third-largest spring. Bennett’s spring branch is a mile and a half long, and is divided into three separate fishing zones. This area was acquired by the state of Missouri in 1924. Today, the park encompasses over 3,000 acres. Bennett Spring State Park has much to offer the family, including a nature interpretative center, reception center, church, dining lodge, swimming pool, cabins, campground, picnic area, and numerous hiking trails.

The upper 2000 feet of the outflow stream from the spring to the dam (Zone 1) is reserved for fly fishing only. The area from the dam to the whistle bridge (Zone 2) allows fishing by artificial lure only. Fly fishermen may fish this area as well. The area downstream of the whistle bridge (Zone 3) may be fished by only by natural bait and those lures otherwise prohibited in the other two areas. Bennett Springs is stocked with Rainbow Trout as well as some Brown Trout. On July 13, 2003 a Brown Trout of 16lbs 15oz was caught by Jeff Tiefenauer while fly fishing a Red Fox Squirrel Nymph in Bennett Springs Park (see picture) — so big fish potential does exist.

Trophy Trout Areas

Today the Current River is one of four streams that have special regulations restricting the harvesting of trout until they reach 15 inches in length. Those fisheries include:

  • Meramec River from Highway 8 to Scott’s Ford access
  • Current River from Montauk State Park to Cedar Grove Access
  • North Fork of the White River from Blair Bridge to Dawt Mill
  • Roubidoux Creek from Waynesville City Park to Gasconade River.

Some of the rivers have bait restrictions, others do not. All provide some of the finest “big trout” stream fishing found anywhere in the Midwest. Anglers catch brown trout as large as 10 pounds regularly. Larger trout up to 15 pounds have been reported.

Current River

current river
current river

The Current River is one of the most popular trout streams in Missouri, and rightfully so. Portions of the river have been described as the “Miracle Mile” of the Ozarks. The fishing on the Current River can be tough, and isn’t always easy, but one thing is for sure — the trout are definitely there.

The Current River is a part of the National Scenic Riverway and is managed by the National Forest Service. As such several restrictions apply, including motor restrictions on boats to special restrictions for fishing guides on the river (remember — if you fish with a guide on the Current River, be sure to ask if they are registered with the National Forest Service).

Lake Taneycomo

In addition to the stream fishing for trophy trout, anglers can fish for trophy browns in Lake Taneycomo, one of the finest tailwater trout fisheries in the nation. Brown trout must be 20 inches long before they can be harvested. All current state record brown trout (the record now is 23 pounds 3 ounces) have come from the tailwater, with larger trout, maybe even a new world record a future possibility.

Rainbow Trout
In addition to the trophy brown trout fishery, Lake Taneycomo supports excellent year-round fishing for stocked rainbow trout, as does Capps Creek, Little Piney River, Current River, Eleven and Roubidoux Creek outside special management areas. These are stocked eight to ten times each year and anglers can keep five trout daily with no restriction on bait. And finally, scattered throughout The Ozarks are private spring branches that support trout fishing opportunities.

Wild Trout Areas

Arguably, Missouri has some of the finest wild trout fishing found anywhere in the United States.

Missouri has six streams:

  • Mill Creek
  • Spring Creek
  • Blue Spring Creek
  • Eleven Point River from Greer Access to Turner’s Access;
  • North Fork of the White River from Rainbow Spring to Blair Bridge
  • Crane Creek – the upper 6 miles for Crane Creek, managed for wild, self-sustaining, rainbow trout populations.

These are the only such populations east of the Rocky Mountains or south of Minnesota. Regulations are strict. An 18-inch- length limit or catch and release and restrictions on the use of natural bait protects these unique populations.

Blue Spring Creek

blue spring creek

Blue Spring Creek in Crawford County is spring-fed, and 5 to 20 feet wide. Backcasting room is not easy to find, but those who can negotiate the tight quarters may be rewarded with wild Rainbow Trout. The drought years of the past have taken its toll on this stream, but there still are trout in this stream. When wading this stream please take note of any spawing redds and tread around the area. This It is state-owned for its entire length downstream of the Salvation Army Camp to its junction with the Meramec River.



Near St Louis

Within a 2 hour drive of St. Louis anglers of all skill levels can be pleasantly surprised at the quality of fishing right in their own backyard. No need to worry about missing the Cardinals run for the pennant either, head out in the early morning and you can be sitting in Busch Stadium just in time for first pitch.

Meramec Spring Trout Park, the Meramec River, Mill Creek and Windrush Farms are just 4 options for those looking for a quick weekend fix of trout fishing. Explore a couple over a long weekend or spend a weekend getting to know one of these fine trout fisheries.

Meramec Spring Trout Park

Meramec Spring Trout Park is one of four state trout parks in Missouri, located on Highway 8 roughly halfway between Steelville and St. James. Being just a couple of hours west of St. Louis this spring creek can provide a quick fix for anglers. The park is owned by the James Foundation but the trout fishery is managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation, who stocks 170,000 10-14′ rainbows per year.

The creek is a major tributary to the Meramec River. The spring itslef is Missouri’s 5th largest pumping an average of 100 million gallons of 56 degrees of water daily down its 1 mile length where it feeds into the main branch of the Meramec River.
Meramec Spring is open daily from March 1 through October 31, there are no restrictions to tackle during this season. Opening day and summer weekends are a complete cluster, wiser anglers should wait unitl the special winter season. The winter catch-and-release season is restricted to artificial flies and opens on the 2nd Friday of November through the 2nd Sunday of February on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Meramec River

The Meramec River has approximately 8-9 miles of good trout water. The upper stretch, approximately 1 mile, begins at the boat access point at the Highway 8 bridge east of the trout park. The best trout waters are located from below the mouth of Meramec Spring Park downstream 7 miles to Scott’s Ford. Anglers have public access at the Highway 8 boat launch, Meramec Spring Park, Scott’s Ford, and Cardiac Hill/Suicide Hill trails in the Woodson K. Woods Wildlife Area. The river ranges between 50-100 feet wide with forested banks of oaks and sycamores. Wading is an option with chest waders but there are some deep pools, to cover more water you can rent a canoe, locally.

The Missouri Department of Conservation manages this stretch as Trophy Trout Waters, with artificials only regulations being the legal means to fool the many wily browns and spunky rainbows. The daily creel limit is 3 trout over 15′. Most of the browns and bows landed are in the 10-16 inch range, but it isn’t uncommon to hook into a couple of 20 inchers on a good day. Reports of 7-9 pounders have been spread but don’t expect to find one on the end of your line.

Timing is a big key to success on this picturesque river. The Meramec is a popular floaters river during the hot humid Missouri summers. During summer fish early mornings till about 10am, take a long lunch near an AC and return to the waters around 3pm. Spring time provides lots of fun shortly after the stocking trucks leave. Fall is the best time to fish this mighty stream, autumn colors in the trees, the browns on their annual spawning rituals, air temps in the upper 70s/low 80’s and lots of bugs on the water including mayflies and caddisflies. The big #12 White Drakes (locally known as Whiteflies) usually hatch during the evenings in September and October, dont look for any of the big boys to be rising though. This river has a healthy population of bait fish.

Mill Creek

Mill Creek is a rarity for the state of Missouri, a cold spring fed stream teeming with wild rainbows-yes wild trout in the Show Me State. The rainbows were first stocked over a 100 years ago by the Frisco Railroad, the last stockings were 50 years ago. Several miles of public water are available, most of which lies in the Mark Twain National Forest for exact information on public and private water contact the USFS Ranger Station (573-341-7475) in nearby Rolla, MO.

This little jewel is only 5-20 feet wide and canopied with thick brush and trees, backcasting can be tricky be ready to roll cast. In stretches featuring faster water anglers can work up the middle making short little casts to the edges, underneath branches and along the undercut banks. Most of the wild rainbows are in the 6-10 inch range, a few smaller and every once in a while a bigger. On a couple of rare occasions a 20 incher has been landed. These little wild trout seem to be aggressive feeders when not spooked, eager to take a well presented dry fly.

Volunteers really do make a difference. In 1994 a 1 mile stretch of Mill Creek was acquired from a private owner and transferred to the Mark Twain National Forest. Thanks to the River Network, TU and FFF clubs of Missouri and a host of private donors for generating funding for this purchase. The main springs feeding Mill Creek are now protected from grazing, and development, helping to maintain this beautiful little wild rainbow trout fishery.

Windrush Farms


Windrush Farms is a private fishery located near St. James, MO. The farm offers superb fishing for rainbow trout in the 1.5 mile long Benton Creek, a spring fed creek canopied with oak and sycamore trees. The stream is approximately 40 feet wide. The tightly lined backs often requires anglers to wade up the middle making roll casts to the many pools and riffles that provides excellent habitat for the average 12-16′ rainbows and the occasional lunker.

Most of the rainbows are hatchery raised but there are some wild rainbows in the lower stretch of the creek. The aquatic insect life is that of a typical Missouri spring creek; heavy caddisflies, mayflies and even stoneflies. Other trout food includes crustaceans and forage fish such as minnows and sculpins. Spring and Fall provide for the best dry fly opportunities, while during the heat of summer anglers should plan on nymph or streamer tactics. The farm also features a 1.5 acre pond teemingwith healthy bluegills.

Lodging is available in two beautifully restored 1840’s log cabins. Each unit has a bath and kitchenette. Managers, Quint and Cicely Drennan are accomplished fly fishers whose wealth of knowledge on Missouri trout fishing is impeccable. They both enjoy sharing advice on how to fish Windrush and near by Meramec River. The farm opens February 1 and closes December 15, day fishing is available for a nominal fee.

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Missouri Fly Fishing Forums

OzarkChronicles Message Board

Missouri Fly Fishing Shops

Feather Craft
8307 Manchester Road PO Box 19904 St. Louis, MO 63144 1-888-963-0324
LDF Fly Fishing Tackle
3801 Eminence Avenue Berkeley Missouri 63134-3539 1 877 426 2934
River Run Outfitters
2626 State Hwy. 165-Branson, MO 65616 417-332-0460
Tim’s Fly Shop
Route 4, Box 4088 Cassville, Missouri 65625 417-847-4956
Larry’s at Bennett Springs
25976 Highway 64A LEBANON, MO 65536 t (877) 456-7243
Chartered Waters Trout Shop & Guide Service
1326 Acacia ClubRd Hollister, Mo 65672 1-417-334-1005
Weavers Tackle
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