Maryland Fly Fishing

Maryland has been the home of many great fly fishermen – Joe Brooks was born in Baltimore and Lefty Kreh wrote for The Frederick News-Post. Maryland anglers experience great saltwater fishing on the Chesapeake Bay and chase large trout in the rivers of its western corner, while Washington DC urban anglers ply the waters of the Potomac River for huge largemouth.

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The Gunpowder River

Located in Baltimore County, Gunpowder Falls is a premier trout fishery. With controlled releases from the Prettyboy Reservoir, the Gunpowder maintains an excellent year-round flow. The Gunpowder is among the few true trout rivers in the DC-MD-VA area offering a variety of water conditions from still water to riffles and rapids. Chest waders are strongly recommended. Below is a hatch chart list of recommended flies.

  • January: Woolly Buggers (8-10), Streamers (8-10), Midges (18-26)
  • February: Woolly Buggers (8-10), Streamers (8-10), Little Black Stoneflies (14-18), Midges (20-26)
  • March: Little Black Stoneflies (14-18), Wooly Buggers (8-10), Midges (20-26)
  • April: Hendrickson (12-14), Red Quill (12-14), Caddis (14-20), March Brown (12-14), Blue Quill (14-16)
  • May: Hendrickson (12-14), Red Quill (12-14), March Brown (12-14), Sulphur (16-20), Blue Winged Olive (14-18), Light Cahill (14-16)
  • June: Sulphur (18-20), Light Cahill (12-16), Blue Winged Olive (20-22), Caddis (14-20), Ants/Beetles (10-14)
  • July: Sulphur (20-22), Caddis (14-20), Ants/Beetles (10-12), Blue Winged Olive (20-22)
  • August: Caddis (16-20), Ants/Beetles (12-16), Hoppers (10-14), Blue Winged Olive (20-22)
  • September: Caddis (16-20), Nymphs (14-18), Ants/Beetles (12-14), Hoppers (8-12), Woolly Buggers (8-10), Blue Winged Olive (20-22)
  • October: Caddis (16-20), Woolly Buggers (8-10), Streamers (8-10), Ants/Beetles (8-12)
  • November-December: Blue Winged Olive (20-22), Woolly Buggers (8-10), Streamers (8-10)

Big Hunting Creek:

Located in the Catoctin Mountain State Park, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources maintains the stream as a Catch-and-Release fly-fishing only area. Easy road side access and 16-20 inch trout make this stream extremely popular. This is a small stream ranging from 15-30 feet across and not more than a foot or two in depth in most places, and hip waders are recommended. Below is a hatch chart list for Big Hunting Creek.

  • December-January: Woolly Buggers (6-10), Sculpins (6-10), Nymphs (14-18)
  • February:Woolly Buggers (8-10), Sculpins (8-10), Nymphs (14-18), Stoneflies (16-18)
  • March:Woolly Buggers (8-10), Stoneflies (16-18), Quill Gordons (14-16), Nymphs (14-16)
  • April:Woolly Buggers (6-12), Blue Quill (16-18), Hendrickson (12-14), March Brown (12-14), Nymphs (14-16)
  • May:Green Drake (12-14), Blue Quill (16-18), Light Cahill (16-18), Nymphs (14-18)
  • June:Sulphur (16-18), Light Cahill (16-18), Trico (20-24), Caddis (14-20)
  • July:Caddis (16-18), Nymphs (14-18), Ants/Beetles (12-16), Hoppers (10-12)
  • August:Caddis (16-20), Nymphs (14-18), Ants/Beetles (12-14), Hoppers (10-12)
  • September:Caddis (16-20), Nymphs (14-18), Ants/Beetles (12-14), Hoppers (10-12), Woolly Buggers (8-10)
  • October:Caddis (16-20), Nymphs (16-18), Woolly Buggers (8-10), Streamers (8-10)
  • November-December: Nymphs (16-18), Stoneflies (18-20), Woolly Buggers (8-10), Streamers (8-10), Sculpins (6-10)

Savage River:

Located in Garrett County, the Savage River maintains a constant year round flow with controlled releases from the Savage River Reservoir. The Savage River is the premier trout fishery in Western Maryland and offers all the characteristics of a large river. Due to occasional large releases for recreational kayakers, fly-fishermen should acquaint themselves with any scheduled large volume releases (information is available on the USGS website). See hatch chart list for Savage River below for suggested flies.

  • December-January: Woolly Buggers (8-10), Sculpins (6-10), Nymphs (14-18)
  • February: Woolly Buggers (8-10), Nymphs (14-18), Midges (20-26)
  • March: Stoneflies (16-18), Midges (20-26), Nymphs (12-16)
  • April: Blue Dun (12-14), Midges (20-26), Quill Gordon (12-14), Caddis (14-18), Nymphs (14-18)
  • May: Blue Dun (12-14), Midges (20-26), March Brown (12-14), Nymphs (14-18)
  • June: Green Drake (10-12), March Brown (12-14), Light Cahill (12-16), Blue Winged Olive (16-18), Caddis (12-16)
  • July: Sulphur (14-18), Caddis (14-16), Nymphs (14-18), Midges (20-24)
  • August: Caddis (14-16), Nymphs (14-18), Ants/Beetles (12-16), Midges (20-24)
  • September: Caddis (16-20), Nymphs (14-18), Ants/Beetles (12-14), Hoppers (8-12), Midges (20-24)
  • October: Caddis (16-20), Nymphs (16-18), Woolly Buggers (6-10), Midges (20-24)
  • November-December: Nymphs (16-18), Woolly Buggers (8-10), Sculpins (4-10), Midges (20-24)

Western Maryland

This area is home to the Casselman River, Youghiogheny River (the Yock), Savage River, and the North Branch of the Potomac River. These are all excellent trout streams. Some of these rivers include beautiful wild trout and trophy sections. <>/p

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Maryland Fly Fishing Forums

The Maryland Anglers Network
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Maryland Fly Fishing Shops

Great Feathers
14824 York Road, Sparks, Maryland; 410-472-6799
The Lonely Angler
P.O. Box 3112, Silver Spring, MD, 20918; 781-572-0921
Backwater Angler
538 Monkton Rd. Monkton, Md 21111; 410-329-6821
Hunting Creek Outfitters
29 North Market Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701; 301-668-4333

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