Fish River Chain & Eagle Lakes Fishing

Fishing starts after ice-out, around May 10th, and lasts until the last day of September. Our guests enjoy some of the finest and exciting Salmon and Trout fishing in Maine. The waters in Eagle and surrounding lakes are cold an pure with the water in Eagle Lake turning over at least 3½ time a year.
The Fish River Chain of Lakes is nationally known for its production of trophy fish. If you have your own boat, we provide dock space at no extra charge. If you need a boat and motor we have them for rent right here. A canoe is provided rent free with your cabin rental. We have gasoline on the premises, as well as Non-Resident Fishing licenses, a small selection of fishing lures (including the current hot lure) and other things you may need while you are here. We want to make you stay a memorable one and make our lodge a place you will return to year after year, as many of our current guests do now.
Fish caught in Eagle and surrounding lakes are Landlock Salmon, Brook Trout and Lake Trout (Togue). Two years ago we pressured IF&W; into reducing the length limit for Salmon caught on the lake to 12” as the reproduction rates were high but the growth rates were not as high as we liked to see. It was felt that with so many Salmon, Brook Trout and Togue after the bait fish, we needed to reduce the number of smaller fish in order to let the others grow. We also stopped them from stocking Lake Trout in the lake. The results have been outstanding. We are now seeing bigger and healthier Salmon with several nearing the 5 pound range and the average fish coming in over 2 pounds. IF&W; has also agreed to keep stocking smelt in high numbers to provide food for the Salmon and Brook Trout. We are anticipating an even better year for Salmon growth now that the Lake Trout numbers are being reduced.
The best way to surface fish this lake and other lakes is to troll with a streamer or lure using a light trolling rod and nylon line. We have several lures and streamers which are popular in our area. Please check on colors and lures before you come to be sure you have what you need for a successful fishing trip. Many of our fishermen troll with a fly rod in order to enjoy the fight a wild Salmon and Brook Trout give an angler. Many have said that the sound of the line being stripped off the fly reel is unbelievable and it takes many minutes to bring in a wild fish on a fly rod.
Eagle Lake is renowned in its production of fish. There are no islands or hazards in the lake and, unless you go unusually close to shore, there is no problem with rocks or logs. We have depth maps which we mark with the current “hot spots”. It is a good idea bring along warm clothes for spring and fall fishing. Don’t forget the dreaded rain gear!
Our area is unparalleled in small streams and brooks for the fly fisherman. We have small lakes and ponds that are so remote you need a four wheel drive vehicle to reach them but the rewards are unimaginable. A registered guide is available on premises to direct you to the best ponds and streams. Please let us know with reservation if a guide will be needed. The guide’s time is taken on a first come first served basis.
Please remember that if you request a guide you are honor bound to complete your contract with him.