Henryville Special

Henryville Special fly pattern
Henryville Special recipe


  • Hook: Dry Fly #10-#20
  • Thread: Brown/Black 6/0
  • Body: Cream colored dubbing
  • Hackle: 1 strip of Brown/Red hackle & 1 strip tan hackle
  • Wing: Duck Feather

Tying Instructions

  1. To start this fly you need to first tie on a piece of hackle for the body portion of the fly. Don’t wrap the hackle around just yet.
  2. Then apply your dubbing with whatever method you prefer. The method you use differs with different kinds of dubbing material you use. The dubbing should go up about 2/3 of the way up the shank.
  3. After getting your dubbing on, wrap the hackle forward to the point where you have the dubbing. Each wrap of the hackle should be spaces out like a griffith’s gnat.
  4. Tie the hackle down here and trim off the excess. The hackle sticking up on the top of the fly should be trimmed down to the dubbing.
  5. Then get a duck feather or similar feather and trim off a piece for your wing. It should be about as long as the hook shank. Tie this down in front of the dubbing with one end sticking out as far as the back of the hook.
  6. Find yourself a hackle for the head of the fly. This can be either red or brown depending on the color of the fly you want to imitate.
  7. Wrap the front hackle over the top of where you tied down the wing.
  8. After this hackle is wrapped up to the front of the hook tie off and you have your finished fly.

This fly imitates a lot of different flies. I have used it to imitate quite a few different flies. Tied in different colors it can even be more versatile. It’s one of my favorite flies to use and I never go out on the stream without it.

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