Maine Fly Fishing

“…The 3,000 lakes and ponds, coupled with 32,000 miles of streams and rivers winding through expansive forests are a national treasure. Whether you seek a native, wild salmon, trout or bass in a remote, wilderness environment, or just want to go out for an afternoon of fun, Maine has it all” – Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

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Overview to Maine Fly Fishing Opportunities: When the conversation among friends planning a vacation in Maine suddenly turns to fishing, the tone takes on an air of excitement as Maine’s saltwater sport fishery becomes the focus. Maine has long been known for its reputation for having one of the finest saltwater sport fisheries on the east coast. It does not matter if anglers plan on top notch captains or guides, a vacation that includes a day of fishing in Maine can help create the memories of a lifetime.

However, Maine has also been long renowned for its freshwater fishery as well. And, if a vacation to the coast of Maine is the plan, anglers can take advantage of a fishing opportunity very few places have to offer. Some of the states best freshwater fishing can be found only a few minutes drive from its remarkable saltwater fishery. It is even possible for an angler to take advantage of this fishing experience all in the same day.

Fishing for species such as Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Large and Smallmouth Bass, White Perch, or Landlock Salmon; to name just a few, can fulfill an anglers day with arm tiring results. Just as their saltwater cousins, these freshwater species can be brought to the net and camera with either a fly rod or spinning gear.

As for what type of equipment to use, most any spinning rod and reel set-up used to catch “schoolie Stripers” and Mackerel, can double as a freshwater fishing set-up. Naturally, the type of lure or bait used will differ with the switch from saltwater to freshwater. If fly gear is the choice of equipment, most anglers will choose to fish the saltwater with a fast action eight weight, or larger fly rod, equipped with a reel of reputable drag, loaded with a fast sinking line backed with about 200 yards of Dacron, and carry along a spare spool loaded with a weight forward floating line; also supported by about 200 yards of Dacron backing line.

For a day of freshwater fly fishing, an angler will probably prefer to bring along a rod and reel of six weight, or smaller persuasion, loaded with a weight forward floating line, backed with about 75 to 100 yards of Dacron backing. The floating line will be needed for casting everything from surface poppers and dry flies, to shallow fished streamers. Also, a spare spool loaded with a sink tip, or full sinking line backed with about 75 to 100 yards of Dacron backing should be included. The sink tip, or full sinking line will be needed to fish the deeper pools of rivers and streams and for dredging the deeper waters of lakes and ponds where larger fish are sometimes found holding on warm Summer days. As for what “flavor” flies to use, this will differ with the switch from saltwater to freshwater.

Of course, the best way to learn the “How”, “What”, and “Where” of either saltwater, or freshwater fishing in Maine, is to hire a Registered Maine Guide, and gain access to his or her years of experience. Most guides, will even supply all of the equipment needed for a day of fishing. Hiring a guide is not only a safe ecological way to explore Maine, but can save an angler precious hours of research time that could be better spent catching fish and enjoying the rest of what Maine has to offer.

Bob Coombs is a Registered Maine Guide who lives in Rockport, Maine. FMI: The Right Drift Outfitters e-mail:

Kennebec River
Route 201 parallels the Kennebec River for much of its length and serves as one of the primary routes for anglers heading north. With our shop located on Route 201 in Madison we are in the midst of, or on the way to, what we feel is the finest fishing in New England!

Remote Ponds

The “Remote Ponds” scattered throughout the Kennebec valley from Pleasant Ridge all the way to the Canadian border vary radically. While one pond may be less than 10′ deep, a pond less than a mile away may be more than 30′ deep. As such, ponds different ponds fish best at different times of year. While Pond-A may “Ice-Out” in early-May, Pond-B may not be free of ice until mid-May.

The same holds true for summer fishing where one pond may warm up and be all but done by mid-June, and another pond may peak in early to mid-July just in time for the “Hex” hatch. At some point in the summer, the surface temperature in most ponds reaches a level where the fishing really slows down. Even though the hatches may continue, the fish may not come to the surface due to the uncomfortable temperatures.

Maine Fly Fishing Articles
A Mile of Lake Trout!
By Sheila Grant
A Sea-Run Fish for Every Season
The Kennebec River A Sea-Run Fish for Every Season
Allagash Lake
Allagash Lake can easily be called the gem of the north Maine woods.
Aroostook County fishing
The “Crown of Maine” remains the last stronghold of Maine’s traditional coldwater species.
Blue Duns – They’re not related but they all hatch early and look alike
This selection and a couple more early season mayflies are the reason the “Blue Dun” mayfly pattern is such a killing fly
Classic Salmon Program
Downeast Region fishing
Downeast Maine is noteworthy because of the wide variety of angling experiences it offers
Fisheries Resources of the Kennebec River
An angler stands casting in a 20-foot canoe just below the Augusta dam on the Kennebec River…
Fishes of Maine
Fishing for Fish – Perhaps a guide can help
When the renowned tradition of Registered Maine Guides began more than 100 years ago, visiting fishing aficionados had limited choices…
Fishing the Kennebec River
The Kennebec River begins at two dams on the west side of Moosehead Lake.
…Maine stands out among other areas as a sanctuary for fishing lovers, still rugged, beautiful and unspoiled. Nearly 6000 lakes and ponds and 32,000 miles of rivers and streams along with some of th
Fly Fishing In Maine
Get information about everything you ever wanted to know for Fly Fishing In Maine
Fly Fishing Maine
Game and Fish magazine
Game & Fish brings you the latest hotspots, tactics & outdoor news, no matter where you hunt or fish.
Grand Lake Stream
This web site offers information on hunting, fishing, obtaining a Maine Guide and businesses in the Grand Lake Stream area.
Grand Lake Stream
Grand Lake Stream Fly Fishing
Abundant in our St. Croix watershed are Landlocked salmon, square-tailed trout, lake trout and some of the best small-mouthed bass fishing in Maine
Grand Lake Stream, Maine
West Grand Lake has been noted for almost a century for it’s landlocked salmon and is one of the original salmon lakes.
Introduction to Maine Fishing
Maine has long been known for its reputation for having one of the finest saltwater sport fisheries on the east coast.
Kennebago River
The Kennebago River is located just outside of Rangeley, Maine, in the heart of the Western Maine mountain region.
Kennebago Streamer – Old Flies
The fly was named for Kennabago Stream, a famous trout and landlocked salmon water in the Rangeley section of the state of Maine.
Kennebec Anadromous Fish
a sea-run fish for every season
Kennebec and Dead River Profiles
The Upper Kennebec and Dead Rivers offer some of the best fishing to be had in the Northeast…
Kennebec Dam Removal – Freeing Maine
The Kennebec River, which drains one-fifth of the state of Maine, is comparable only to Hudson River and Chesapeake Bay in its importance as a fish spawning ground.
Kennebec River
Kennebec River – Bingham
Kennebec River – East Outlet
Kennebec River – Madison
Kennebec River – Skowhegan
Kennebec River – Solon
Kennebec River – The Forks
Kennebec River brook trout
The brook trout fishing continues to get better in the Upper Kennebec Valley of Maine
Kennebec River info
The Kennebec River from Waterville to Sidney offers beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing (including bald eagles, ospreys, ducks, and the occasional deer and red fox) and fantastic fishing for smallmout
Kennebec River Page
The Kennebec River from Moosehead Lake to Tide Water
Kennebec River-Shawmut Dam
Lakewood Camps
Lakewood Camps, because of its ideal location, has the unique distinction of allowing guests the opportunity to either fly fish on the famous Rapid River or troll the waters of the Richardson Lakes.
Lower Kennebec River description
Maine Guides Online
largest index of Maine Recreational Guides on the Internet
Maine Harbors
Tide Charts and related Nautical information
Maine ponds
Ponds for fly fishing in Maine
Maine Sportsman
New England’s Largest Outdoor Publication
Maine’s Androscoggin River Comeback
By Rod Cochran
Maine’s Rapid River spurs digital conservation
When non-native smallmouth bass encroached on a brook trout stream, one group of anglers used the internet as a conservation tool
Maine’s Rapid River spurs digital conservation
When non-native smallmouth bass encroached on a brook trout stream, one group of anglers used the internet as a conservation tool
tml Outdoors Fishing
Moosehead Lake Region
the Moosehead Lake Region lies in the west central portion of Maine…
Moosehead Lake Region fishing
The Moosehead Region is best known for Maine’s three premier coldwater game fish species – brook trout, lake trout, and landlocked salmon.
Moosehead Lake Region Greenville Area Trout Pond Guide
Our Top Five Spring Salmon Rivers
Northern New England is the place to be for spring landlocks, and these five proven waters should provide great angling action this spring.
Penobscot River – East Branch
Penobscot River – West Branch
Penobscot River info
Ramblings on the Roach
On the far shore, the silhouette of a mountain walled in the horizon, while below it Moosehead Lake shimmered in the last light of day.
Rangeley Lake Region fishing
The Rangeley Lakes Region is an accessible wilderness as vast as it is beautiful.
Rapid River
This river boasts an average brook trout at 2-3 lbs. according to locals, and fish topping 5 are not uncommon.
Salmon count affirms recovery
Salmon In The Penobscot River Are Continuing Their Recent Recovery
Small Mouth Bass
Quality smallmouth bass can be found on many of Maine’s rivers.
The Maine attraction
The area around Maine’s largest lake is a flyfisher’s dream
The Smallmouth
Who is THAT fish? Sometimes it’s hard to tell
Top North Country Trout Rivers
For just the right combination of solitude, great fishing and easy access, these highly recommended trout rivers can’t be beat.
Upper Kennebec
The Upper Kennebec and Dead Rivers offer some of the best fishing to be had in the Northeast!
Where to Saltwater Fish Along Maine’s Coast
The following section includes information about and directions to many of Maine’s saltwater boat ramp and shore fishing sites

Maine Fly Fishing Clubs
Down East Salmon Federation
Merry Meeting Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited
We at Merry Meeting Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited (MMBTU) believe in the conversavation, protection, and restoration of Maine’s trout and salmon fisheries and their wartersheds.

Maine Fly Fishing Guides
Grand Lake Stream Guides
Kennebec River guide service
Smallmouth bass Fishing in Lincoln, Maine

Maine Hatch Charts
Allagash River hatch chart
Hatch chart data for Kennebec River
Hatch chart data for Penobscot River
Hatch chart data for Roach River
Hatch chart data for Saco River
Hatch data for Allagash River
Hatch data for Androscoggin River
Hatch data for Grand Lake Stream
Hatch data for Kennebago River
Maine Hatches
Hatch Guide for New England Trout Streams.
Maine rivers hatch charts
Penobscot River hatch chart
Rapid River hatch chart

Maine Fly Fishing Maps
Delorme Maine Maps
Maine Lake Charts, Inc.
Creators of detailed maps of Maine lakes and ponds
Maine lake maps
Shawmut Dam, Penobscot River
The Shawmut Dam Landing is a Canoe Launch maintained by Central Maine Power

Maine Fly Fishing Photos
Fly Fising in Maine photos
Maine fly fishing photos

Maine Fly Fishing Reports
Aroostock Headwaters
Belgrade Lakes Fishing Reports
Belgrade Region
Casco Bay fishing reports
Down East reports
Kennebec Report>
Kennebec River Fishing Report
Maine Fishing reports from
reports for major areas of Maine
Maine weekly fishing reports
Broken down by region-by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Moosehead Reports
Northern Maine/Eagle Lake Region Reports
Portland Region reports
Rangeley Region fishing reports
SE Striper Reports
Southern Coast Region Reports
Statewide Reports
Upper Androscoggin Region Reports
Upper Kennebec & Somerset County fishing reports
York & Cumberland Counties fishing report

Maine Stream Flows
Real Time Streamflow Conditions (Maine)
Tide Charts for Southern Maine and Casco Bay

Maine Fly Fishing Forums
Maine Fly Fishing Only
Coastal Maine/NH Fishing – StripersOnline SurfTalk
Fly Fishing Only Forums
Maine fly fishing forum

Maine Fly Fishing Shops

Maine Sport Outfitters
Rockport area outfitter; Route 1 PO Box 956 Rockport ME 04856; phone: 207 236 7120
Fly Fishing Only
230 Main Street, Fairfield ME 04937; phone: (207) 453-6242; Check out their Canoe Shuttle Service!
Mountain Valley Flies
790 Lower Street, Turner, Maine 04282; phone: 207-212-9909
Maine Guide Fly Shop and Guide Service
PO Box 1202, Greenville, Maine 04441; phone: 207 695-2266
Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop
Down East Maine fly shop; 1480 US Route One, PO Box 69, Cape Neddick, ME 03902; phone: 207-363-9269/9279
Rob’s Fly Shop
Route 4, North Jay, Maine 04262; phone: (207) 645-4508
Sun Valley Sports
129 Sunday River Road, Bethel, Maine 04217; phone: 1-207-824-7533
Kittery Trading Post
Rte. 1, Kittery, Maine; phone: 888-KTP-MAINE

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